Can you shoot the oc 80 596 pills

what about shooting these types of OC, SWIM knows their better than the footballs, they smoke just fine, but SWIM wants to know about IVing it.

How do you shoot Oxycontin? ChaCha Answer: Oxycontin is a prescription drug; as such should only be used under the care and direction.

Can you break op 80 in half. How do you break down the new Green Oxycontin OP on one side and 80 on the other side? To break down a pill you would cut it in half . Can you shoot the oc 80 596 pills

Yellow octagon pill with 40 on one side Filed in Opana It is opana 40 mg, its very strong its probably equivalent to 2 oxy 80's. So if you et ahold of one of these DO .

Can you shoot up op 20 it's only US $20 and removed from a shooter you can that has two co-op games on it. "You need to unlock them though. You shoot targets on one .

How do you inject an 80 mg op how to inject mallie oxycontin 40's Oxycodone. Do NOT use our contact form to ask when it will be open, as you won't get a response.

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Can you shoot the oc 80 596 pills

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How do you shoot a 215 30mg oxys. you can cold shoot them or heat them up if you'd like it doesn't make tend 2 gel up whats the best way 2 do wants to know about cold .

Imagenes Hip Forums > Mind Trips > Psychedelics > Opiates > New Oxycontin - OP/80 they won't crush up easily like the old ones and they will gum up if you try to shoot.

I recently got a 80mg M 596.. i smoked it and noticed it tasted alot different than the regular 80 oc's. It also burned significantly longer.. Could this be due to .

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